Post Sound

An audience can tolerate mistakes in the visual presentation on screen. However, the sound on a film has to be good, or the suspension of disbelief is completely gone. Dialogue has to be at a good listening level, sound effects have to sound believable, and the music has to carry the emotions of the story without obscuring the dialogue. Tom understands all these narrative and aesthetic concerns when it comes to editing and mixing sound for film.

Studio 209 is a surround sound mixing, composing, and recording suite, and is Tom's current artistic dwelling.  Tom works in Pro Tools 12 , and mixes with Mackie 824 MKII monitor speakers.  Monitor control and A/D conversion are provided by an Apogee Symphony I/O.  For ADR, VO, and foley recording, the Studio 209 recording booth uses a Line Audio Design 8MP microphone preamp, made in Sweden.  ISDN connectivity is available through Source Connect Pro and Ednet Bridging Services.  For sound design recording in the field, Tom uses a Sound Devices 663 for mono, stereo, or ambisonic recording.

Post Sound/Music Production Gear:

  • 5.1/7.1 mixing in Pro Tools 12 with Apogee Symphony I/O, Mackie HR824 MkII monitor speakers, and 1 NHT S-20 sub for LFE
  • 3.09 G Hz on Hackintosh with 32 GB RAM
  • ISDN connectivity through Source Connect Pro and Ednet Bridging Services
  • Isolation booth for ADR/Vocal recording, and foley (8 ft ceiling, 26 square feet internally)
  • Ever growing sound library of custom content created by Tom as well as Sound Ideas and BBC libraries
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro, EastWest Complete Composers Collection, Native Instruments Complete, Vienna Woodwinds, and many other libraries
  • Basic video editing, ac3/5.1 surround encoding, and BluRay authoring services available using Compressor, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Toast Titanium

NAF RockYourDrop PSA :60 version from Ola Kudu on Vimeo.