Studio Recording

Music production has changed a lot since the days of tape, but what hasn't changed is getting a good performance with the right microphone. Zoo Station Studios, Hooz Audio's current home, has spaces for vocals, drums, guitars, vintage keys, and acoustic instruments, and allows Tom to offer all aspects of studio music recording. Armed with Apogee A/D conversion, Line Audio Design and Sound Devices Mic preamps, Neumann, Cascade, and Sennheiser microphones, Tom can record soloists, small ensembles, or full bands.

Recording Package:

  • 16 track recording, 5.1 mixing in Pro Tools 10 with Apogee Symphony I/O, 5 NHT M-00 monitor speakers, and 1 S-20 sub for LFE
  • ISDN connectivity through Source Connect and Ednet Bridging
  • 3.09 G Hz on Hackintosh with 32 GB RAM
  • Isolation booth for vocals, instruments
  • Rooms for guitars and drums at Zoo Station Studios
  • Line Audio Design 8MP mic pre, made in Sweeden
  • Sound Devices 664 for 6 additional, top-grade clean mic preamp channels
  • Sennheiser 416
  • (1) Neumann TLM 67
  • (2) Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon
  • (2) Neumann KM 140 Cardiod
  • (2) Audio Technica AT2020 Wide Cardioid
  • (1) AKG D224 E vintage cardioid
  • (1) AKG D200 E vintage cardioid
  • (5) Line Audio Design OM1 omni
  • (2) Line Audio Design CM3 cardioid
  • Grace Design 5.1 microphone array for surround sound recording