Studio Recording

Music production has changed a lot since the days of tape, but what hasn't changed is getting a good performance with the right microphone. Studio 209, Hooz Audio's purpose built mixing and recording space, is one of the most neutral acoustic spaces in the area.  A medium sized isolation booth can accomodate a small drum kit, two wind players, a guitar amp, or vocalist.  

Recording Package:

  • 16 track recording, 5.1 mixing in Pro Tools 12 with Apogee Symphony I/O, 5 Mackie 824 MKII monitor speakers, and 1 NHT S-20 sub for LFE
  • ISDN connectivity through Source Connect and Ednet Bridging
  • 3.09 G Hz on Hackintosh with 32 GB RAM
  • Isolation booth for vocals, instruments
  • Line Audio Design 8MP mic pre, made in Sweeden
  • Sound Devices 663 for 3 additional, top-grade clean mic preamp channels
  • Sennheiser 416
  • (1) Neumann TLM 67
  • (2) Neumann KM 140 Cardiod stereo pair
  • (1) Cascade Gomez Ribbon Microphone
  • (2) Audio Technica AT2020 Wide Cardioid
  • (1) AKG D224 E vintage cardioid
  • (1) AKG D200 E vintage cardioid
  • (5) Neumann KM 183 omni-directional microphones
  • Grace Design 5.1 microphone array for surround sound recording