Summer 2014 News Letter

The past few months have been a very busy time for Hooz Audio.  Several documentaries have used me for production sound recording or post sound mixing.  Commercial work has really picked up too with shoots for IBM, Shurtape, Coors, and Nascar.  July ended on a musical note with me writing a jingle for Wildfire Ideas (stay tuned in mid August for a blog post on concerning this fun project once it sees the world).

ISDN comes to Winston Salem, at Hooz Audio

Making a living a sound engineer is all about offering the services people want.  Recently I've recieved multiple inquires about ISDN recording, and after a little research and a few phone calls to classmates in NYC, I'm pleased to annouce that Hooz Audio is offering ISDN connectivity through Source Connect and Ednet Bridging.  What's ISDN?  Well, before the internet and VOIP, people needed a way to make high quality phone calls into recording sessions to accurately judge the quality of a performance from across the country.  Traditional ISDN relies on two dedicated telephone lines and a br

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