Summer 2014 News Letter

The past few months have been a very busy time for Hooz Audio.  Several documentaries have used me for production sound recording or post sound mixing.  Commercial work has really picked up too with shoots for IBM, Shurtape, Coors, and Nascar.  July ended on a musical note with me writing a jingle for Wildfire Ideas (stay tuned in mid August for a blog post on concerning this fun project once it sees the world).

I've really come to appreciate documentary film making, having worked on several of them this year.  I've really enjoyed the stories I've helped tell.  Some of them include water use in the south, Extraordinary Rendition, the legacy of slavery in a mixed race family, the impact of basketball education on kids, and one of the most renowned dance festivals in the world.  These are all hugely compelling stories to tell and to hear.

I'm adding ISDN capability to the Green Studio, my 5.1 mixing room I opened in April on Waughtown St in Winston-Salem.  ISDN is a method of remotely monitoring and recording audio through a high quality phone patch between two sites.  Voice talent could be in one town and the producers be another.  ISDN allows the studio with the talent to call the studio with the producers, and everyone communicate in real time and in high quality.

In the meantime, if you need sound recorded, a project mixed, a score composed, or just want to have some tea, hit me up!  Replies to sound and music questions are always free :)

Noteworthy projects Summer 2014:
Documentary-"Who Owns Water" and "Unmappable"-surround sound dub mixer
Documentary-"Ghosts of Johnston County" and "Shirley's Kids" stereo post mixer
Documentary-"Tracing the Hairstons" "Achievements Unlimited" "American Dance Festival" production sound mixer.
Web spot: Go Pro Challenge with Dale Earnhardt Jr and Charles Barkley-production sound mixer
Corporate infomercial: "IBM Big Data" production sound mixer
Indie film: "Like Emmy" production sound mixer