ISDN comes to Winston Salem, at Hooz Audio


Making a living a sound engineer is all about offering the services people want.  Recently I've recieved multiple inquires about ISDN recording, and after a little research and a few phone calls to classmates in NYC, I'm pleased to annouce that Hooz Audio is offering ISDN connectivity through Source Connect and Ednet Bridging.  What's ISDN?  Well, before the internet and VOIP, people needed a way to make high quality phone calls into recording sessions to accurately judge the quality of a performance from across the country.  Traditional ISDN relies on two dedicated telephone lines and a breakout box using a paticular codec.  Not all codecs talk to each other, so ISDN bridging services are used to connect different ISDN codecs together for seamless two way communication.  Fast forward to 2014.  With broadband internet access, application based, high quality voice communications are available over IP.  Source Connect is a program that integrates with Pro Tools and other DAWs to connect users in real time with AAC 320 kbps audio.  Source Connect can connect to bridging services like Ednet, allowing older ISDN systems to send and recieve calls with Source Connect users.  Many major studios and productions across the country are using Source Connect to connect talent with producers and directors.  Hooz Audio is very excited to be able to connect Winston-Salem based talent in high quality to the rest of the world.